October be hoppin at New Game in Town (DeKalb location)

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Once again, many many humble thanks to everyone who continues to make New Game awesome! Seriously, i can’t even begin to thank U all enough. Yet again, our pre-release numbers for Khans were some of the best in Northern Illinois! Modern (Legacy) Mondays continues to grow along with our other weekly events, and now Tuesday Night Standard will also be Standard League!! Just like our draft league, we’ll keep track of weekly points for additional prizes just before the next pre-release. If that wasn’t enough, we have Khans of Tarkir Gameday where we’ll be giving away a box!! Which, by the way, we’ll also be doing in a FREE MODERN TOURNAMENT this Saturday (Oct 4). If that isn’t enough Magic for U, we also have our EDH/Commander Grand Melee (check our calendar for details on events)!! For those of U who miss it (cuz i know i do), it’s back!!! The good old fashioned EDH/Commander League is back; play for points (double points on Sundays) & at the end of the month, the top 8 in points get to play in an invite only tournament!

As if that isn’t enough, for those who aren’t into Magic, we still have our weekly Yu-Gi-Oh on Tue and HeroClix, Star Wars X-Wing & other minis on Thur as well as Star Realms League (win promo cards, playmats & free copies of the upcoming expansions!!). Sat, Oct 25, we having a special HeroClix Monster Mash! Alsp, every other Sunday we’re at The House Cafe doing boardgames (this Sun, Oct 5, we’ll be featuring Munchkin Legends). Also, D&D Encounters and Pathfinder Society are going strong as well. Come on in & ask about details!

October is hoppin at New Game in Town…come on down to New Game in Town!


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These restrictions MUST be applied:
$95 + tax

Strict Limit 3 per person

Offer good
Friday, Sept 5th – Sunday, Sept 21st

(offer may end sooner depending on supply/demand)

Since this offer is already drastically discounted, store credit cannot be used and these terms MUST be applied.

June just keeps it coming at New Game in Town!

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So much gaming goodness to report!! We start out June with the Chicago GPT and Conspiracy Release events! Then we keep it going with Monday Night Modern (proxies allowed), Draft & Sealed leagues, FNMs & monthly EDH/Commander Grand Melee, and then end it with our Monthly Monday Legacy (proxies allowed). Check our calendar of events for details.

HeroClix hits the ground running with Deadpool every Thursday @ 6pm as well as two AvX events (month 4 and our final blowout tourney for leftover prizes).

We also have our monthly Pathfinder Society which continues to grow (up to at least 3 tables), so be sure to click on our calendar of events: Pathfinder Society link to sign up on-line.

We end June with our awesomely amazing Star Realms Gameday & Tournament. Cool promo cards & playmat for prizes!!

Check our calendar of events or contact us for details! LET’S HAVE FUN!!

Why choose New Game in Town??

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With so many game stores out there, why should U go to New Game in Town for your Journey to Nyx pre-release & release needs?? Well…how do we love thee?? Let me count the ways!!

1> EVERYONE WHO PLAYS GETS A PRIZE PACK! That’s right, win or lose, everyone gets at least one prize pack. So U’re already essentially getting 7 packs for $25 dollars. That’s a great value!!

2> All winning records get additional prize packs!! Unlike some stores who only pay to top 3 or 5, we payout to all winning records…so even if U go 3-2, U’ll still get additional prize packs.

3> Consolation prize box!! For those who don’t have winning records…U STILL GET PRIZES!! That’s right, even if U don’t win additional prize packs, U get to chose from our consolation box, which includes deck boxes, sleeves, playmats & more!! (while supplies last)

4> FREE DRAFT!!! What?? No way, this can’t be real?? Oh, but it is. If U participate in at least 4 of our Journey to Nyx events between pre-release and release, U will automatically be eligible for our free draft on Sat, May 3 @ 6pm.

5> AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH…we are now including sealed and draft events in our rewards stamp program. That’s right!! So essentially, if U are in all of our events for pre-release, U will end up with 7 stamps (only 3 more needed for the free $10 in-store credit)…if U’re in the 2HG events as well, that’s another 7 stamps, for a total of 14, getting U the $10 dollars in-store credit with 4 stamps left over for the next rewards. Include the free draft, and that’s an extra $25 in value just for playing here!!!!!

And of course, as always, U will have our excellent customer service as well as our highly competitive singles market (thanks Hotsauce!!!) in addition to the amazingly outstanding atmosphere & community that has come the make New Game in Town the BEST GAME IN TOWN!! SEEYA ALL FOR PRERELEASE!!!

And next week we’ll tell Ya about how awesome our release is gonna be…


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New comic book policies: 10% off all comic book merchandise INCLUDING HEROCLIX when U sign up for our comic book pull list club. Over 10 titles, 15% & over 20 titles 20%. Also, during HeroClix events, if U are registered, 20% off all comic book purchases during events!!

Watch here next week for awesome new Magic tournament improvements!!


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Fri, Apr 25 @ Midnight
Sat, Apr 26 @ 1pm & 6pm
$25 Sealed Events
Sun, Apr 27 @ 1pm & 6pm
$35 2HG Sealed Event

Remember, participate in at least 4 or our pre-release and/or release events & you are automatically eligible for our FREE JOURNEY TO NYX DRAFT on Sat, May 3 @ 6pm.


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So, as i finish up with all the closing duties at 2:50 in the AM after the most successful non-Magic the Gathering event in the history of this game store, i just have to reiterate a few things.

First of all…WOW. We do open play board games every Sunday for those of U who came out and enjoyed International Table Top/ Board Game Day.

Second, and far more importantly, we just simply couldn’t do this without U. i know we may not always have the cheapest prices, we may not always give the best deals on trade-ins, we may not always whatever else it may be that we don’t always do, but we most definitely and most assuredly have the most badd @$$ killer gaming community i have ever had the privilege and honor to be a part of, and we will always do our best to provide for, entertain and support all of U who support us!! i can honestly say that i’m almost completely certain that everyone who left here today left with a smile on their faces, no matter how they were feeling when they got here. i know i’ve said it before, but i sincerely and wholeheartedly mean it when i say thank U. Thank U to all of U who keep coming back for more. Thank U to all off U who are new and loved your first experience here. Thank U to all of U who haven’t been here yet but will eventually find us & find out how awesome it is to be a part of all this. And a very important thank U to all of those who oppose us & “talk smack” about us & challenge us to be better so we do improve and continue to support and uphold higher standards of this greater gaming community. i am truly humbled before U all…THANK U!

And finally, a very special shout out to the incredible employees at New Game that made this all happen: Jeff Jett for taking the initiative to make this event larger than life (larger than i imagined to be sure!!), James Hayes for rockin the house behind the register and juggling everything needed to maintain the day’s finances and comfort level that made such an event even possible, Greg Havlik, who wasn’t even working but still pitched in over and above what was expected, as he always does & Andrew Swift, also not working & even injured from his other job but still came in to support, experience and be a part of this historic event. And to Aaron Tymec and Hayden as well, not even employees but still constantly pitching in & busting their arses to make New Game successful on a regular basis (3 totes full of games??? Seriously awesome!).

If i had my way, because of all of U amazing people (customers, employees, friends & family), i would call this The Best Game in Town!! (and if it didn’t sound so darned self-involved & pretentious…lol)

So yeah, if i didn’t mention it…thank U!!

Amazing April at New Game in Town!

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All kinds of awesome stuff happening in April. With March winding down, we still have the Minneapolis GPT coming up; then April brings International Board Game Day, our monthly EDH/Commander Grand Melee, HeroClix AvX (vs Galactus??) charity event for TAILS DeKalb, and ending with JOURNEY TO NIX PRE-RELEASE!! Check our calendar of events for details. In addition, we’ll have a HeroClix/Captain America: Winter Soldier event where WINNER GETS TICKETS TO THE NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA MOVIE! As if that’s not enough, Game of Thrones returns to HBO & we’ll be watching it here in store every Sunday!! Even more!! Our Born of Gods sale continues until the end of April (see post below). U don’t want to miss Awesome April at New Game in Town. Why would U go anywhere else???


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While supplies last, all Born of Gods Event Decks are $20, BG Fatpacks are $30 & BG Pre-Release packs $20 or 2 for $30!! BG Boxes are still only $100! Ok March, now it’s your turn…get winter outta here already!!

A special message from New Game in Town to all of U.

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Well, here it is, the day after Valentine’s Day, and i have something to say about what i love. As many of U may already know, i’m pretty much married to my shops. i have put everything i have and more into New Game in Town over the last four years, and i must say, at this point, i just simply cannot thank U all enough for showing that love & commitment right back. There have been a few bumps along the road, and even some attempts at derailing this train, but it is absolutely because of U, the customers and community that we’ve built up here in the last four years, that we keep on keepin on (seven if U count On Board, which i certainly do since they started this and i just took over & carried on, so thank U John & Seth!!).

And this year has truly had an amazing start!! We are already surpassing where we were last year at this time, and it looks like things are just getting better (knock on wood…lol). Special thanks to Hotsauce Games (Adem Hotza & Sean Farlee especially), Cataclysm (shout out to Kyle), Draxtar Games (Dan that is), and Westlake Cards, Comics and Coins (whoever U may be) for helping out when needed & showing glowing support. This just shows an even greater/larger gaming community that we can grow on an even larger scale. The more we work together, the better this all gets! In fact, Gen Con, Chicago ComiCon & San Diego ComiCon are growing exponentially each year…time for Pinky & Brain to take this $#!t over!

So, once again, thank U all for supporting/financing New Game in Town. It truly means more to me than U’ll ever know!!


Holy crap, Batman. Just as i finished writing the last status post, i read this post from one of our regulars. It was so amazing that i just had to pass it on to the greater community. This is exactly what i’m talking about. i am so so so so amazingly proud to be part of a community like this!!!

“[A]bout February of last year being diagnosed with stage 4 Testicular Cancer it was literally the worst news I could have ever imagined just graduating high school I was looking forward to my life then something like this hit me like a rock, but then a very close buddy of mine Chris Schmalzer asked me to play MTG and I got hooked right away it was something I looked forward to every weekend and it wasn’t the playing it was the feeling of being able to do something that I was semi good at and I could do without passing out for the next 20 hrs because I was so exhausted after doing Chemotherapy 5 days a week around 12 different times, it’s insane to think where my mental state would have been without this game, and without this community, I still remember my first ever real DCI sanctioned match it was vs. the judge of the event and I was playing some shitty Golgari deck but it was the fact that instantly it felt like a home and a community with the way people acted towards you it was literally the best feeling in the world at one of the hardest times in my entire life.. before this gets to ranty or anything I just felt like thanking each and everyone of you that I met over my just about year of playing Magic, seriously I don’t know where I would be at this point without some of the emotional help and just some of the fun times we’ve had together over at New Game in Town which just feels like family at this point even if I can’t get out there enough nowadays due to work etc.”

This just further makes my point. While of course money is necessary to keep any retail store afloat, this is about waaaaaaay more than making a profit. This is about making a community, making a home, making a family and making the world a little happier & more fun. i’m not trying to get rich, i’m just trying to make the world a better place. This story alone is far more important and impressive than any dollar amount i’ve ever made. Thanks again all of U!!